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A week with Averill Shepps - master enamelist

I can't believe I am just now discovering the fabulous gem of a school called the John C. Campbell Folk School located in Brasstown, NC just near the Georgia/NC border. According to their website, "In 1925, the Folk School began its work. Instruction at the Folk School has always been noncompetitive; there are no credits and no grades. Today, the Folk School offers a unique combination of rich history, beautiful mountain surroundings, and an atmosphere of living and learning together." They offer many craft classes such as basketweaving, pottery, photography, enameling, painting, blacksmithing, wood carving, book making, wood turning, weaving, and the list goes on and on. Check out their website if you want to see their complete list of course offerings.

I discovered them quite by accident because I wanted to take a class with Averill Shepps. Averill has been enameling for over 50 years and is known for her experimental work. She has been president of the Enamelist Society for 6 terms. I specifically was fascinated with the Eutectic process. She happened to be teaching a workshop at the folk school and so I signed up!

This was our class of 2. Averill, Roger and I spent many hours experimenting and learning new processes. Averill is a fabulous teacher.

The enameling studio at John C. Campbell.

My home away from home. I camped in the small campground at the folk school. There were 3 other campers there as well including the lovely Sarah in her airstream. John C. Campbell also provides housing in cute little buildings and cabins scattered throughout the campus. At the end of the week, all the students and teachers gathered together to display what they had created. It was a wonderful week of connections, learning and rejuvenation. And.... I managed to avoid hurricane Florence who struck the NC coast the day before we left.

Sarah's painting of her airstream.

This is Sarah's painting of her airstream. I love it!

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