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I am captivated by glass. Enamel. Stained glass. Glass mosaic. Fused glass. Glass blowing - I love its depth and the way light penetrates and passes through it. Sometimes translucent and sometimes opaque, glass holds color in suspension forever. Such characteristics exhilarate me. Glass is manifested in the form of hot, warm or cold glass. I work with all three in some combination but gravitate most to warm and cold glass. Working between these forms is a continual investigation and discovery taking me one step forward in my glass-working journey. Combining techniques and doing ongoing experimentation is what drives my art making. Enameling, in particular, offers endless possibilities and is currently my main focus. The thrill of investigation drives me to discover new techniques in enameling. Using a combination of torch work and kiln work, I seek to push its traditional boundaries. Years of teaching high school art gives me a knowledge base of many art processes to draw upon. These find their way in various combinations into my experimentations. My work is less about function and more about beauty and aesthetics.

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Detail of Daniel's Dream
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